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How We Got Started

As a result of overworked tutoring schedules, prior to Regents exams, coupled with multiple student requests for group sessions, Ace the Regents was born. What started solely as science review classes has now grown to include math and social studies, and other review classes as demand dictates.

The Directors

Andrew Tuomey has been teaching and tutoring earth science and physics at Great Neck South High School for more than 20 years. After having worked with hundreds of students both privately and in the classroom, Mr. Tuomey has found that what works best is a challenging, interactive environment where students can take part in the learning process. The setting is workshop-oriented rather than lecture-based and students are encouraged to inquire, interact and participate regardless of their level of learning.

Dr. Steven Tringali has been teaching and tutoring biology and chemistry at Great Neck South High School for more than 20 years. His personalized attention to each and every student--his knack for discerning a student’s weak area and catering to his/her needs--has resulted in great success. Dr. Tringali’s years of experience have allowed him to develop numerous tips, tricks and helpful prompts that students turn to and call on again and again.

The Instructors

All Ace the Regents instructors are New York State-certified and highly qualified. Each professional puts in time and effort to create an interesting, interactive curriculum, which assures that spending a beautiful Saturday or Sunday in June indoors in a classroom is time well spent.

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