Our Story

What started solely as a few science review classes in a small local hotel now includes reviews in all subjects in a university setting. In its 18th year, Ace The Regents has expanded to include AP exam reviews, night-before exam cram sessions, and a private tutoring network that delivers premier educators from all across Long Island.

Founder and Director Andrew Tuomey has been teaching and tutoring earth science and physics at Great Neck South High School for more than 20 years. After having worked with hundreds of students both privately and in the classroom, Andrew has found that what works greatest is a challenging–but fun and interactive–environment where students can take part in the learning process. He believes that students learn best in workshop-oriented settings rather than lecture-based. Students are always encouraged to inquire, interact, and participate regardless of their level of learning.

Andrew Tuomey • Founder & CEO


“Ace The Regents is the best test prep and tutoring service. The instructors for the Regents test prep classes helped build our daughter’s content knowledge and test-taking skills. She said she enjoyed all the classes she attended. We know they helped her achieve outstanding results.”

TB / Old Bethpage

“The teacher was funny and smart. They make the day go fast and that’s why I keep coming back.”

AB / Great Neck (student)

“My son has attended Ace The Regents prep classes since he was in eighth grade. He is a senior now, and the knowledge he always comes away with is so comforting. He has gone into every exam well prepared and confident and we know it made all the difference in his final scores.”

DK / Syosset


Quick answers to commonly asked questions.

Why Ace The Regents?

This is our 18th year running review classes. Students who take our courses come back for a number of reasons:

Less Stress – Our students tell us how comfortable they feel after attending a review course, cram session, or with our private tutors. With our regents and AP review courses, our students reveal that they “learn more in the six-hour course than all year long,” and they feel more confident than they would if they just studied on their own.

Better Teachers – We have found that it takes a certain type of teacher to make a day spent learning on the weekend worthwhile. Even teachers who have come highly recommended and are loved by students in the classroom do not always translate to success in a one-day six-hour setting. We constantly gather feedback on all of our teachers and only retain those who garner overwhelmingly glowing reviews.

Comfort and Convenience – Classes are conveniently located on Long Island’s North Shore at LIU Post University. Rooms are equipped with smartboards and wifi and are spacious and air conditioned.

Which is a better review program: a one-day course or a six-week course?

Having taught both, we feel that one-day reviews are more effective. Here’s why: In a six-week course, by the time students get to the last class in May or June, many already forget what was covered at the start in March or April. For students, the last few weeks of school are jam-packed with so much new information and other ongoing exams that they understandably don’t retain information from months earlier. In a one-day class, each important topic is covered as close to the regents or AP exam as possible.

How is the day structured?

Courses run from 9am to 3pm. We ask that students arrive between 8:30 and 8:45am to allow time to sign in, find their classroom/seat and get settled. The day is divided into five or six “periods.” There is a 10-minute break between each period and a half-hour for lunch. Each period tackles a different subject. For example, in Earth Science different periods might be astronomy, weather, and earth’s history. If you would like more detailed information on what is covered in a specific course, please give us a call.

What about lunch?

Students should bring a bag lunch to the review. Water fountains and vending machines are available, but the campus cafeteria is closed during May and June.

What should students bring on the day of the review?

Students should bring a notebook, calculator (if applicable), and any reference materials they have. We will supply all of the necessary review materials to ensure a successful and aced exam.

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