We know that every student is unique and requires a personalized plan just for them. Regardless of what that plan might entail, our educators will inspire and motivate and keep your child accountable on a regular basis.

In addition, their experience enables them to predict common mistakes students make. They are able to convey tips and tricks to help them reach their goals.

Our Process

Some instructors are available in person. All are available via Zoom, which allows for a stress-free, convenient, and comfortable learning environment for all. Moreover, you can access our impressive network of teachers from anywhere in the United States, not just locally, whether you live in a different state, or are just out of town at a tournament or on vacation.

To find out more, and chat about the specific subject area(s) your child would like help in, simply click here or call or text us at 516.301.8703

Call or Text: (516) 301-8703

“We looked high and low for a Human Geography tutor and kept coming up short. We finally found Ace The Regents, and Andrew’s APHUG teacher helped our son understand the information and do great in class. Wish we found Ace sooner. Couldn’t be happier.”

SW / Great Neck

“After using two other tutoring services, the calculus tutor from Ace The Regents was finally able to explain the material so my son could understand it.”

BK / Jericho