Academic Coaching is a holistic approach to achievement. We look at the whole student to determine and create a tailored plan to help them succeed; whether they need to create a better routine or structure, could benefit from memory techniques, or a myriad of other success-building skills. 

With coaching we use many of the same outstanding educators that we use in our premier tutoring services because they are the most familiar with curriculums and classroom nuances.

How it Works & Getting Started

Through a complimentary initial consultation we are able to discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses and assign an educator to begin the one-on-one coaching process. Our coaches help keep your child accountable and provide regular check-ins. By sharing Infinite Campus and Google Classroom, together student and coach are able to tackle:

    • study skills
    • organizational skills
    • time-management skills
    • goal-setting
    • confidence building

Our coaches may also make further recommendations for tutoring and remedial. That is not always necessary or the case, and many times our coaches are there to help alleviate the stress of confrontation between child and parent. They can also act as a liaison between your child and their teacher to gain a greater understanding of where your child may require the most assistance.

Package prices vary based on the specific needs and goals of the student. For more information, simply call or text us at 516.301.8703.

Call or Text: (516) 301-8703