Our Priority

Review classes are workshop-based rather than lecture-based to ensure student engagement and improve topic retention. Our student-to-teacher ratio assures one-on-one interaction. Within the 6-hour course, our teachers can determine students’ areas of weakness, so students leave knowing what topics to continue to focus on, if any, in order to grant your child the results they desire.

As parents ourselves, we understand the need to secure review classes and teachers with proven track records. We carefully select our teachers to ensure that they are not only highly qualified in the subject matter they teach, but that they are at the top of their game when it comes to sparking interest, engaging participation, and covering the nitty gritty. You know the saying in real estate that the most important thing is location, location, location? Well, when choosing a review company, the most important thing is the teacher, the teacher, the teacher. Many of our educators have been with us since we started, 18 years ago, helping to provide proven results, year after year. We hire professionals based on positive student feedback and seek out teachers that come highly recommended from some of the best districts across Long Island.

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Ace The Regents was created to provide students with an interactive, comprehensive review before taking New York State Regents and AP exams. Our goal is always to provide the best review experience possible—one that allows parents and students to have great academic success without the stress.